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Craig Holliday

Spiritual Teacher and Therapist

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Craig Holliday is a gifted Spiritual Teacher trained in both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions, a founding member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity, and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) offering nondual therapy to individuals. He offers weekly online Satsang, meditation groups, and a Kundalini support group and travels frequently offering Nondual Meditation Workshops, Retreats, and Satsang. Craig presents on spiritual topics at the Science and Nonduality Conference, yoga festivals, churches, and dharma centers. He is the author of Fully Human Fully Divine and Yoga of Liberation. He works in a way that addresses our everyday suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom, empowerment and as a catalyst for social change. He meets daily with individuals for nondual counseling online from around the world on Zoom.

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Meet the Presenters: Craig Holliday

September 16, 2021, 05:00 PM
Craig Holliday

Fully Human Fully Divine: Embracing the paradox of Humility and Strength

September 19, 2021, 05:45 PM
Craig Holliday