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The Integrated Awakening Conference:
Living the Nondual Understanding

“This is authentic, embodied awakening." – Bill Free

"Awakening is just the beginning of our true spiritual life, not the end at all." 

– Shakti Caterina Maggi

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Many of us have glimpses, insights, intuitions and even mystical experiences as the mind and heart open in search of the truth of our own reality. Once this occurs, we realize there is only the desire to live the nondual understanding through Integrating our Awakening Experience. We realize this is why we are here. If you are interested in expanding your mind, opening your heart to a fuller experience of your own God Self (Your True Self) join us for the Integrated Awakening Conference.

The Integrated Awakening Conference: Living the Nondual Understanding is presented to you by Pure Presence Productions and the Teachers of God Foundation